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Google Analytics – Enhanced E-commerce

Posted by | March 27

Having used Google Analytics for the last 9 years, I have become somewhat complacent in terms of keeping up with their latest developments, I have really only been learning by using it and when a new feature was visible (for example when they launched Real-Time data) I would figure out how to use it, I […]

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Psychology for Digital Marketing

Posted by | March 9

My favorite talk at Marketing Week Live 2017 was the Psychology for Digital Marketing Keynote, I was expecting to learn about how to integrate some psychological principles into our marketing strategies to generate better results across the board from better branding to improved targeting and acquisition. It turned out to be a taster lesson for course […]

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Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Posted by | October 12

I was at the Lifecyle16 – Customer Lifecycle Marketing Conference today, an event focusing on how to use existing customer data to send marketing materials to customers, when they need replenishment and are ready to repurchase It turns out that Lifecyle marketing goes beyond replenishment campaigns, it is essentially data driven personalised marketing that can be […]

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TFM 2016 – The Live Neuromarketing Experiment Keynote

Posted by | September 29

Of all the talks at the Technology for Marketing/Ecommerce Expo 2016, the talk by Tom Head of Lab was the most memorable and had the most impact. The reason that it was so memorable was because it was very interactive, with the audience participating in experiments which proved the points they were about to discuss. […]

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Tips for SEO Copywriting in 2015

Posted by | July 30

For internet marketing, one of the biggest dilemmas is how to get a good SEO ranking. The higher up in the ranking, the more traffic you’re likely to get, thus gaining new customers for your products or services. Google has made it harder to get those good rankings with their regulations, and some of their […]

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Localized SEO

Posted by | April 8

There are global search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing that are great for internet businesses to get their products and services out to the masses. But if you are a local brick-and-mortar business in a single location and want to reach out to local customers and other businesses, then you would be better served […]

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My New Car

Posted by | February 27

Jaguar XKR… 370 BHP… 4L Supercharged V-8… 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds… What more can I say! I love it!

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How to Create Viral Content

Posted by | September 2

Viral marketing is one of the fastest ways to get your company, product, or services noticed by the public. It manages to get into the hearts and minds of the public and stay there, resonating with their way of thinking, or their feelings. A good viral campaign can also get customers doing your work for […]

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SEO or PPC: Which Way to Go?

Posted by | July 18

When considering internet marketing and boosting website traffic, there are two traditional means to use—search engine optimization, which is free, or pay-per-click. What are the drawbacks and benefits of each one? We’ll take a look at each method and hopefully give you a clearer definition so you can make the best choice for your business. […]

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Differences in Social Media

Posted by | May 15

Social media sites can be a great way to get your company, products, and services noticed, increasing traffic and earnings. But you need to understand the various sites, how they work, and how they can help or hurt your business and marketing strategy. Facebook Facebook is one of the most-used social media sites today. It […]

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